Q&A: Navigating the Public Sector Fault Lines

Wednesday 17 October 2018 - 3.30pm to 4.45pm

This Q&A style session will explore the future of the public sector in light of the fault lines identified in earlier Conference sessions, as well as other major issues, including: collapsing community trust in institutions, public sector integrity challenges, changing methods of service delivery and continually vexed Commonwealth-State relations.

With such a daunting group of challenges, can we be optimistic about the future?

Conference Host, Tony Jones, will moderate our special panel of past, current and next generation public sector leaders as they explore how they think we can successfully navigate these fault lines.


Tony Jones

Walkley Award-winning Australian television and political journalist


Simon Phemister

Department of Premier and Cabinet (VICTORIA)

Cathryn Greville

Office of the Auditor General, Western Australia

Dr Jill Charker

Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business

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